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New Here

Greetings and good will, fellow members of this rather small community! I am newly come to Artemisia out of Drachenwald, though I am originally from An Tir. It looks like my local shire here is Stan Wyrm, though I have no idea how large or active a group they are. My main SCA interests are cookery and bardic. I am not and never have been an official member of the SCA, but I have clocked plenty of hours, and have two medieval history degrees. Anyway, hi!
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Deleted comment

I am not much for yahoo groups, and I am rarely able to keep up and just end up getting hopelessly confused. but thanks for the tip!
The Artemisian mailing list can be found here. It's not Yahoo! It's better.
The Aerie has moved here after experiencing troubles with Yahoo! You may want to update your link information.

And by the way, thanks for telling me about this!

I think everyone should prepare for an An Tirian invasion! Mwah ha ha! I'll be moving to the SLC area in April. I'm the Ambassador to the East Kingdom right now from the Barony of Aquaterra in An Tir. . . booyah!
Well, welcome to you. I started playing in the East in the Shire of Caer Adamant (State of Delaware) and moved out here to Artemisia. I currently reside north of SLC (Baronny of Lock Salann) in the Shire of Gryphon's Lair (Davis and Weber Co). Look forward to meeting you and sharing the Dream!

Actually just went into contract for a house this weekend in Clinton. Should be in Utah by the first week of May