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Another Artemisian Lost, and the Gryphon Scroll of Honor

From the Kingdom of Artemisia mailing list:

It is with immense sadness that I write this missive.

Late yesterday, Holly Beth Smith, known in the SCA as Aurora Chakir bint Fareed ibin Chiraagh "Mina", passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident. Holly is survived by the love of her life, Rich Bullock, known in the SCA as Lord Bjarni Njalson.

Newer players may not have had the honor of meeting Mina, as she and Bjarni had spent the past few years taking a break from everyday SCA activities in order to get settled into their new life together.

Mina will be remembered for her kind heart and lovely middle-eastern dancing. Even those who did not know her personally, were enthralled as she danced in the firelight at the Dark Thunder camp. Many also delighted in her intricate headresses, which displayed her wealth of delicate butterfly jewlery. She had a generous spirit and loving soul, she will be missed.

Services will be held this Thursday at noon at the Russon Brothers Mortuary in Salt Lake City. All are asked to arrive by 11:45am, however, those wishing to have a private moment with Holly are invited to do so between 10:45am and 11:45am. Please do not arrive prior to 10:45am as Holly's immediate family requests some privacy before recieving guests. This will be a closed-casket ceremony and out of respect for the family, mundane dress only, please no garb.

Russon Brothers is located at 255 S 200 E in downtown Salt Lake City.

Bjarni has requested that condolences and inquiries be sent via email to



Flowers for the service are being arranged by Design Touch 801-299-9677.

The family has requested that should anyone like to send flowers, or bring flowers to the service on Thursday, that there should be no pink flowers. The family has chosen red and white roses for their daughter, and matching this would be appropriate.

Or, if one chooses, in lieu of flowers, a donation to the Shriners Childrens Hospital may be made in the name of 'Holly Beth Smith Memorial'.


This is a wonderful idea, and well worth getting behind.

To my Artemisian cousins,

Once again I find that the loss of another of my friends is like a kick in the stomach. In the past 21 years I have lost many dear to me, and have seen the passing of many I did not know as well but feel that I should have. After the loss a few years ago of my friend Albreda in Loch Salann, I began toying with the idea of a website devoted to those we've lost. Not as a place of mourning, but rather as a celebration of the lives we loved so much. Artemisia is still a very young Kingdom, and we have sustained more than our fair share of loss in recent years, adding to those lost in the days of being a Principality. Enough have gone ahead that I feel the need for something to happen, something like a website.

It's an idea who's time has come. Therefore, I am placing an open request to the populace of Artemisia.

I am compiling information on those that our Kingdom has lost. Please send me any information you may have on Artemisians who have passed on. I an hoping for their mundane and SCA names, titles and awards, any information available as to when they passed away and perhaps the circumstances, photos of them, and most importantly, your stories about their lives in Artemisia. Don't worry if any part of the wish list is missing. Send me what you have and I will research the rest.

I will then take all the information and build a website for Artemisians to house and share their memories. I thought to call it the Gryphon Scroll of Honor. If there is issue with this name, please let me know.

It will take time for me to get the website up and running, however, in time we will all have a place to go to celebrate the lives of our lost friends, to gaze unce again upon their faces, share stories of lives and to remember.

Thank you all so very much,
HL Isabeau de Sevingy
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